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Freshwater Ecosystems Monitoring and Studies

Sport Fisheries and on Lake Monitoring:

  • Stock assessment
  • Species inventory
  • Biodiversity assessment
  • Essential fish habitat studies
  • Habitat mapping
  • Phytoplankton distribution mapping


    • Habitat mapping
    • Species community mapping
    • Wetland delineation


Freshwater ecosystems, whether lotic (rivers and streams) or lentic (lakes, ponds and wetlands) are highly dynamic systems experiencing constant change. Abundance and distribution of aquatic organisms, particularly fish are also changing in response to altering environmental conditions due to constantly changing food supply, intra/interspecific competition, predation, changing distribution and species composition of their habitat (aquatic plants), invasions by introduced non-endemic species and now global warming. In addition, being of imense cultural value, many fish species are also subject to substantial fishing mortality through recreation based and commercial fisheries. For more detailed review of lake ecosystem visit our limnology webpage. 


Wetlands are complex and dynamic ecosystems located at the transition between land and water and perform variety of essential ecological, social and economic functions including flood control, nutrient buffer zone with the result of net water quality improvement and an essential wildlife habitat. Unfortunately, their importance have long been neglected and around 70% of wetlands have already been lost in Canada's settled areas as a result of urban, agricultural and industrial development (Environment Canada, 1986). 

Understanding the current capacity of a wetland to support various biological communities in relation to what would be expected of healthy wetlands as well as monitoring of lacustrine and riverine biota are the first essential steps towards maintaining the health and satisfactory functioning of these essential ecosystems.

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